News system added (and other news)! @ 07 Oct 2017

I have just added a news function so I can add professional updates to this main page. The feature allows for commenting on news and has an archive and such. I'd been wanting for a while to make this homepage look a bit more alive. Updates will be posted on a need basis. Also in the event of a situtation with the forums I'll be able to post here in a non-makeshift way.

In other news we had a recent registration bug on the forums but it is fixed now so if you were trying to register in the last week, sorry about that - please try again! Owing to this though, a Registration Problem Reports area has been added where guests and users awaiting e-mail verification can post to let us know about their situation so we can be aware of it and give support.

The art section is slowly coming along as people on the community post more submissions in our Website Art Submissions Thread. If you are an artist and would like your Miiverse art immortalised here please feel free to come and add it there!

Also if there are memories of Miiverse you'd like immortalised here we have a Miiverse Memories submission thread for that as well. After all, there's only about a month left of Miiverse now before the plug is pulled on it.

Thanks for stopping by!

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